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Management rule permission is a feature for SharePoint 2010/2013 allows users to manage permissions in a dynamic way.
The feature allows the List administrator user to define rules permissions when list item is added or updated.
rules can be related to the properties of the list or properties of User profile service.

for each new task added / changed, assign this permissions to the item:
Assigned To: Contribute
Responsable of Assigned To : Read
Group Manager: Full Control

the application is bilingual: English and French.



Settings rules permissions

For any list in the, List Settings --> Settings rules permissions to manage the rules permissions

List settings

Figure 1: General settings


List of rules

 This the final list rules. you can any time  change the rules. there is not any impact on progress of rules.


All rules

Figure 2: List of rules

1: add new rule defining the type
2: remove the rule line
3: suspend the rules permissions

Create new rule


new rule

Figure 3: New rule

1: method to define the principal
there is method

  • static user
  • user defined in the property
  • user define in the property of the user profile service of the property in the list ('manager' of 'Assigned To')

2: List of user profile prperties of type User.

3: List of column list of type User.

4: List of Role definition

5: List of assignment

6: Inheritance

Verify permissions

Then when we add new item this rule will be executed.


New task

Figure 4: New item


Figure 5: unique permission

Group Manager: rule static user [Group Managers]:Full Control
manager: rule [Manager] of [Assigne To]: Read
test: rule [Assigned To]:Edit


The application retrieve label from resources. You can adding athor resources files.
In this case you must adding this files
-PermissionPages.xx-xx.resx in the Global resources files from the application.
-Management.Permission.xx-xx.resx in the Resource Folder SharePoint
then change the value for each key.

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